Our Partners

We partner with world-leading HVAC specialists around the world

We work closely with our international partners to deliver always first-class solutions, employing the latest technology and innovation. For solutions implementation, we collaborate with our trusted national partners to ensure our clients receive the upmost care and attention for each and every project.


We work cohesively with our trusted partners to deliver better services to our clients

Quantumscape Ltd excels in residential and light commercial HVAC solutions, providing full range of engineering services to include system design, project consultancy, installation, maintenance and after-sale services.


We partner with international specialists for our solutions and products

Established in 1984, Emicon is a leading HVAC specialist from Italy with wealth of experience and expertise. Emicon is known world-wide for their innovative and technology air conditioning solutions.

Sabiana is a leading Italian specialist, which conceives, designs and manufactures appliances to air-condition spaces where people work and live.

Gassero specialises in commercial series of high efficiency, eco-friendly condensing boilers and control systems. Production is located in Tuzla Free Zone, Turkey, covering 4000sqm in production area.

Chigo HVAC total assets 600 million yuan, factory covers 170 thousands square meters, more than 1200 employees, 23 labs,14 modern production lines, annual production capacity exceeded 1 million sets, enabled chigo HVAC ranked top 3 in the industry.